Three ways to combat springtime allergies

 In Colorado Insurance Professional

family escape planAllergies acting up this spring? Your home might be harboring allergens and germs that you don’t even know about. Here are three areas of your home that could be causing you and your family to needlessly sniffle and sneeze:

  1. The front door. You might be welcoming more than friends through your front door. Many allergens and germs enter through the front door. Removing your shoes before walking inside eliminates lots of unwanted allergens from getting further into your home.
  2. Corners and cracks. Allergens could be hiding unsuspectingly in the tiniest crevasses in your home. Clean ceiling corners, on top of shades, blinds and picture frames, and on the blades of ceiling fans. Check under baseboards, beneath furniture, and in the corners of your kitchen and bathrooms.
  3. Beds and furniture. During allergy season, you may want to wash sheets and blankets at least once a week.
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