Three Ways to Attract Talent to Your Startup

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A startup is only as good as the talent you employ. However, attracting the right talent to your agency can be hard when you’re the new kid on the block. Therefore, every startup needs to think about their employer brand.

Defining your employer brand

Attracting talent to your startup

Sit down and define your employer brand to help attract the right talent.

It’s important that you can define your brand to the clients. Similarly, you have to be able to sell your employer brand to potential hires. While it’s true that money talks, the budget of a startup isn’t going to be talking very loudly. So, you need to be able to define other reasons that will make your company worth working for, even when if you can’t be competitive with your salaries and commissions.

Sell your core values

Marketing yourself as a great place to work is sometimes the same way you are going to market your brand to clients. Attracting clients to buy your product often comes down to the core values of your company more so than the specifics of your product. An employee, just like your clients, is going to want to feel like they are part of something bigger than just selling a product or offering a service. You need to sell yourself as more than just a business; you need to sell your mission and your values. If the employees share your brand values, there’s a very good chance they’ll be willing to forego salary to be a part of your vision.

Encourage work-life balance

Being able to blend a career with family life perfectly is the way of the future. That means that you are flexible with work hours and you will allow for telecommuting, or working remotely. Making work-life balance part of your employer brand is going to be very attractive to potential hires, especially the younger generation.

Practice autonomy

Finding talent without money

Encourage work-life balance to make your startup to attract the right talent.

As long as everyone shares the same vision and the same values, and as long as you can communicate your strategy and your goals for your company, then you should allow your employees to practice autonomy. That means that you get rid of the hierarchy, you assign people their roles in the business, and then you trust that each employee will meet all goals and deadlines without having to be micromanaged. However, to be in a position to offer your employees autonomy, you have to talk to each employee and really listen to their passions and goals so that you can assign them the right position. When a person is passionate about their job, they can work without supervision. So, when you interview and recruit talent, make sure you are placing the right people in the right positions.

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