The Value of Millennials as Clients and Employees

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A generation with a reputation. Many things are said about Millennials but they’re a generation of people that could turn things around, even for your independent insurance agency.

Working with Millennials Could Be Just What You Need

Millennials are said to be lazy, self-centered, and many other things that are not necessarily complementary. The truth, as a generation, is that none of this is real, but of course, there can be individual exceptions that give the larger group a bad rap.

About 71 million people make up the Millennial generation. You can imagine why they are an important market for the insurance industry. They are tech-savvy, entrepreneurially-minded, practical, results-oriented and most of them have experienced debt whether personally, or through close relatives. This all impacts the way they act and react as insurance consumers and as employees, also.

Millennials as Clients

As Millennials reach their prime spending years, they start having needs that lead them toward insurance. To engage with this particular audience, the independent insurance industry needs to adapt to a new kind of market. These tips will help you be better at selling insurance to Millennials.

Millennials as Employees

Everyone gets older as days go by, but if you look at generations as a whole, Baby Boomers are reaching a different stage of life and workforces now need to rely a bit more on younger talent. If you want to grow your independent insurance agency, you will need Millennials to join your team.

As you try to adapt to a younger market, their great tech skills will come in very handy. Millennials are digitally trained from an early age so they are the best people to help you engage with customers on social media, email and other online platforms.

To attract them, you must understand what drives them. Millennials are interested in flexible work arrangements, which are easy to fit in since many agency tasks can be done remotely. They also feel motivated when they feel like their work makes a difference, so explaining the impact that insurance coverage has on families and businesses will keep them interested and make their work more enjoyable. Millennials are hard workers and innovative, which makes them attractive to pretty much every other business out there, so, if you don’t hire them, someone else will.


Millennials are a whole different market than what the independent insurance industry is used to. Selling insurance to them and working with them doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowledge and flexibility will get you a long way. Join AAI today, the fastest growing independent insurance agency broker in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, Texas, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, and let’s break into this market together.

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