The Tricks of Highly Effective Insurance Agents

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Certain habits and qualities of an insurance agent can make them thrive or struggle.

5 Qualities to Help You Succeed as an Insurance Agent

Much like any other profession, being an insurance agent requires hard work and a certain set of skills. However, sometimes success is not about how skilled you might be, but about having certain qualities that will push you in the right direction.


Learning to not let anything stop you from hitting your goals, is a great quality to have in the insurance world. There’s no time to take the back seat and rest when things go wrong. Being driven and knowing when to take calculated risks will pay off.

5 Qualities to Help You Succeed as an Insurance Agent

Unafraid of Failure

Failure is a momentary condition and is just part of success. Highly effective insurance agents understand that failure is a necessary part of success because it allows you to learn from every experience. Fear will always be around but it’s important to get past it and not let it paralyze you, because when you’re paralyzed, you stop trying, and when that happens failure becomes permanent.


It’s very easy to fall into the habit of always being “very busy” and end up neglecting communication with clients and prospects. Successful insurance agents make themselves available, making communication much easier and their business more appealing. If you own your own insurance agency, being available doesn’t mean you have to spend 99% of your day answering every call and every email. Instead, you can set up an easier communication process like enabling text messaging, hiring a call center, using social media or setting up a contact form on your website. Just make sure you provide follow up.


Insurance agents who are effective and successful make their clients concerns their own and take interest in the situation and how they can help them. One of the best ways to provide value to clients is to take time to understand and care about their needs, rather than just trying to sell them random products without much detail at all.


Being focused allows you to block out all the “noise” and just pay attention to what truly matters at the time. Distractions can take a toll on your productivity. Successful independent insurance agents have a habit of not shying away from the tasks that will help their business grow, regardless of how tough or complicated they might be.


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