The Success of an Independent Insurance Agent is Not Luck, It’s Skill!

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Do you have the skills to become a successful independent insurance agent?

Selling insurance is not your typical sales job. It is deeply personal. Insurance is something everyone needs, and it deals with the things that people value the most in their lives. For this reason, being an independent insurance agent requires more than just sales skills.

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Having the right people skills, customer service and a strong, trustworthy personality are all part of the puzzle of becoming a successful insurance agent.

Many things can be taught when it comes to running your own business and selling insurance, but every successful insurance agent has some of these fundamental qualities that make them natural born insurance agents.

Three personality trait you need to succeed as an independent insurance broker

People skills are the first. To sell insurance you have to put the needs of your clients first. You need to be patient and get to know your client. Everyone’s lives are different. If you want to build a long lasting client relationship, make your customers feel like they are being heard and that you are working with their best interest at heart. If they feel you just want to sell insurance so you can make a commission, you are not building a lasting and trusting client-agent relationship.

It is uncomfortable discussing some forms of insurance. Life insurance, for instance, is not a fun subject to talk about. Showing empathy is a great and useful quality of a successful insurance agent.

Be available when your client needs you. Great customer service is more than just listening when you are trying to sell them a policy, you have to be just as available to answer questions after the sale.

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You need to be available at all times to ensure great customer service and customer loyalty.

To build a strong client relationship, having a strong personality will go a long way. Showing passion and persistence, without being overbearing or pushy will make clients trust that you can follow through on your promises. Being 100% honest with your clients about the insurance they are getting is key to a lasting relationship. Mistrust and dishonesty are the killers of any client-agent relationship.

You clients don’t know the ins and outs of insurance, you need to know your industry and you need to be able to talk to clients about insurance without making it sound like an insurance seminar. Using your network of insurance peer is a great way to get the inside scoop on change in the industry, as well as keeping up with the market news.

Make it personal, make it factual, make it invaluable. And give each client options so that they know you really are looking out for them and not just pushing a policy for a commission.


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