The Power of Online Video

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Video marketing is one of the biggest trends of 2017. While adding a few videos to your Facebook feed or opening a YouTube account can be a wonderful way to get attention online, creating videos does a lot more than catch people’s eye. Here are just a few diverse ways your independent agency should be using video.

How to build a solid client base

Videos Enhance Communication

Visual aids help people better understand what is being presented to them. Video allows you to not only discuss products or services but demonstrates how they are used. This demonstration helps you get the point across much faster.

Quality and consistency are also essential to modern businesses. Creating informative videos guarantees the same information is being presented to each client. There’s no worrying about whether you missed something; everything is included. If a client doesn’t quite understand, they can replay parts of your video.

How-To Videos

If you are looking for something to engage your social media following, try making a how to video. This video can explain anything that relates to insurance. For example, some agents make videos explaining how insurance works, how to select an agent, or how to file a claim.

Sales Presentations

Creating a sales presentation isn’t like making a commercial. Your presentation can be as long as it needs to be. Insurance is a complex topic, and it is hard to expect someone to explain it in 30 seconds or less. Instead, use stunning video displays and real world examples to show what you have to offer.

News Coverage

Many independent agencies participate in community events or like to discuss the latest industry changes with their clients. Creating news segments to post online can be a unique way to keep everyone informed. Try making short four or five-minute informative videos and posting them on YouTube. You can also display these videos for clients visiting your office.

Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Plan

A video is a powerful tool that can help enhance any marketing campaign. At Affordable American Insurance, we want agents to understand just how great video is. Contact us today to learn more about how video can help your agency.

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