Perks of Being an Independent Insurance Agent

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3 Benefits of Being an Independent Insurance Agent

The insurance industry is a great one to work in. You know this already, but the world for captive insurance agents is quite different than it is for independent insurance agents. Here are some of the perks of being an independent insurance agent:

You Get to be Your Own Boss

Freedom is the word that comes to mind. Instead of working for others, you’ll be working for yourself. You have a voice. Being an independent insurance agent gives you the opportunity to call the shots and do what you consider best for your agency. Of course, with freedom comes responsibility, but it is still for your own benefit.

You Gain Flexibility

Since you’re running your own agency, you can take the liberty of being as flexible with your time and your business, as you see fit. Flexibility is something that should be managed wisely, otherwise, it can get out of hand and become a disadvantage instead.  But, it is certainly a blessing to know that you are the owner of your own time. You can manage your schedule to fit in more time for yourself, for your family and to do the things you love.

3 Benefits of Being an Independent Insurance Agent

You Acquire Invaluable Amounts of Industry Knowledge

As a captive agent, you can be very knowledgeable, but mostly about the products you sell. But as an independent insurance agent, you stand at the door of opportunity when it comes to gaining industry knowledge. Independent insurance agents represent a variety of insurance companies and are exposed to a lot of important information about the industry.  So, if you apply yourself and embrace these opportunities, you can become a hub of information that is extremely valuable to your customers,  improving their overall experience with your agency.


The advantages of being an independent insurance agent don’t stop there. Want to find out more? Give us a call today.


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