The Insurance Industry Needs More Millennials

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Millennials grew up during the recession. They saw people lose jobs, houses, and hope for the future. However, instead of letting hard times deter them from being influencers, millennials saw this opportunity to shape the workforce and find new ways to both secure their own future and success, as well as make social and environmental responsibility a priority. One industry that has been largely overlooked by the millennial entrepreneur is the insurance industry. Let’s take a look at why the insurance industry should be a no-brainer for the millennial generation looking to find the perfect industry for work/life balance and altruistic opportunities.

Join the independent insurance industry in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

The insurance industry needs more millennials to help us reshape the industry and reach the next generation.

Millennials need insurance

Because millennials grew up during an economic crisis, they should understand better than anyone how important it is to have insurance. No matter what else is going on in the world, people are always going to need insurance. With the entrepreneurial mindset of the millennial generation, this is the perfect time for millennials to become independent insurance agents that can provide insurance to their fellow millennials who are also trying to start independent businesses. If millennials really want to do something great for their community, it is to get into the insurance industry and help protect their own future and the future of their peers.

Millennials know how to talk to millennials

The next generation of people who need business insurance, home insurance, auto insurance (or bike insurance for the eco-friendly, city-dwelling, bike-riding millennials), health insurance, and life insurance are millennials. No one knows how to talk to and reach millennials better than a fellow millennial. Now is the perfect time for Generation Y to join the insurance industry and help reshape it so that we can reach the next generation.

Insurance will always be a necessity

Why the insurance industry needs millennials

Millennials know how to reach fellow millennials. Become an independent agent in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

Insurance is not a fad, it’s not a trend, and it shouldn’t be a luxury. Everyone is always going to need insurance. It is an industry that will always remain relatively stable.

Help shape the future of the insurance industry

The insurance industry has plenty of opportunities for millennials who aren’t interested in becoming agency owners or independent producers. The insurance industry is in major need of an upgrade, mostly so that it can keep up with the millennials. The insurance industry needs millennials to help reach out to millennials. That means that the insurance industry is looking for people with a strong IT background – people who can help independent agents reach millennials through responsive web design and online marketing tools.

Insurance is about helping people protect their dreams

Millennials are optimists at heart. They want to enjoy every part of life. They want symbiosis between work and life, independence and community activism, and they want to provide products and services that will help bring all aspects of life in balance.

Become a part of the independent insurance industry in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

Becoming an independent agent in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

Insurance is an untapped market for millennials seeking independent success.

Independent agents want the same thing as millennials. We want to provide the best product for our clients, the best insurance to protect their dreams. Independent agents have the integrity and transparency that millennials are looking for because we do not have to answer to one provider or another. We are our own bosses! We look at each client situation and assess their needs, not just at the bottom line.

Join our cause, millennials. The insurance industry needs you!

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