The Best Form of Advertising for Independent Insurance Agents

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One major problem all businesses face is that the average American is saturated with ads almost all day long. Our brains have a natural tendency to pick the things we want and discard the rest. In this salad bar of information saturation, standing out from the crowd is going to be difficult. Not only does your product need to satisfy the need of an interested customer, but they also need to be able to find it when they want it.

Word Of Mouth Trumps All other Methods

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m going to extol the virtues of search engine ranking and social media outreach, and while those are becoming increasingly more important, the best form of advertising is far, far older. It’s called word of mouth, and it can make or break any business venture. This fact is particularly the case for independent insurance agents. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s report, an astounding 79% of those who were in the market for insurance asked friends, coworkers, or family about their thoughts on which policies were the best. This study included car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and even renter’s insurance.

Review Sites are Broadening the Reach of Referrals

Referrals are more important to insurance companies than any other form of advertising could be. Take note of this, because all the best marketing strategies in the world are going to fall short of the mark if there is a lack of confidence surrounding the product itself. Likewise, more and more people are counting on review sites to determine which product suits their needs the best. The same way a bad rating on Yelp can tank a fledgling restaurant, little confidence in insurance can do the same an insurance agent.

While some of the best ways to generate good referrals are, of course, by delivering an outstanding product, insurance agencies also want to reach out on a personal level to their prospective customers. And this is where social media networks and blogs can play a vital role in forging that connection.

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