The 4 Best Cars for Teenage Drivers

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Your teenage driver is probably looking for something flashy and fast (or maybe something that simply gets him or her from point A to point B), but you’re more likely interested in buying them a car that’s safe and affordable.

Thankfully, as a parent, the choice is up to you. To help you choose a car for your teenage driver, here are 4 cars that are affordable, rate high for safety, and can get from point A to point B.

2009 Subaru Legacy

Equipped with all-wheel drive, the Subaru Legacy is a safe choice if you live in an area with unpredictable weather. U.S. News & World Report ranked it as the 13th most affordable midsized car in 2009, and you get good fuel economy at 27 mpg highway.

2009 Honda Accord

Honda Accords hold their value well and they have a good reputation for safety and reliability. This conservative car also has a large interior, which can be great for running errands.

kia soul2010 Kia Soul

If you want to give your teenage driver a car with style and tech features, the Kia Soul is affordable and flashy. With plenty of leg room and amenities, you should be able to find one of these used for less than $12,000.

2013 Ford Focus SE Sedan

The Ford Focus SE Sedan has a modern style, with high points for safety and gas mileage. The SE model comes with extra features great for teenage drivers, such as voice-controlled texting and an iPod interface.

Choose wisely

These are just 4 cars that would be a good fit for most teenage drivers, but your options are virtually limitless. As long as you find a safe, reliable, and affordable ride for your teenager – combined with the right auto insurance policy – then you shouldn’t have to worry (too much).

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