Thanksgiving Work Hours For Entrepreneurs

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Your family will thank you for putting down your smartphone for a day

The average work day has reached a new era. It’s an era of blurred lines between being working and playing. With technology, the cloud and flexible work-hours, everyone is always working and always playing. Entrepreneurs, especially the millennials, don’t differentiate much between work and pleasure. They are one and the same, but there comes a time when you need to turn off your phone, email, and social media, look up from your tablets and spend Thanksgiving with friends and family, not with clients and investors.

Holiday work hour tips for entrepreneurs and independent agents in Colorado

The first few hours in the morning when the turkey is slowly roasting is a great time to sneak in a little work.

It’s easy to turn off your phone after you’ve slumped into a turkey, mash, gravy, stuffing, more turkey, pie, more pie food coma. In fact, it may not be up to you once your eyelids are too heavy to keep open, but even though entrepreneurs loathe taking a break from building their business, Thanksgiving should be the one time you allow yourself some time off.

Remember, while you are focusing much of your energy starting your own business, a business that will hopefully thrive and provide for your family for years to come, your family is also making sacrifices to help you follow your dreams. If Thanksgiving isn’t the one day you shut down your business for 24 hours to spend quality time with family, then we don’t know what day would be more perfect.

Holiday work hour tips for entrepreneurs and independent agents in Colorado

When everyone else is resting their bellies and their eyes, find a quiet room to check your email or make a call…or five.

Of course, if you MUST work on Thanksgiving, there are going to be pockets of time throughout the day where you can sneak away for an hour. You’ll most likely have to get up at dawn to get the turkey started. Those few early morning hours are a great time to get a little work done before the whole house wakes up and the stores open for last minute grocery or wine shopping.

There’s also that brief window of time between the main meal and the dessert. If you can fight the sleepy effects of the turkey, we doubt anyone would object to you sneaking off to check your email. After all, they’ll most likely just be snoozing on the couch, so there’s a good chance no one would miss you.

Thanksgiving work hours for entrepreneurs and agents in Colorado

Don’t forget to spend quality time with your family on Thanksgiving

Whatever you decide to do on Thanksgiving when it comes to working or not, just remember to take the time to be with your family and enjoy the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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