Technology Trends Impacting the Insurance Industry in 2018

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Improving customer experience is at the top of the priority list for every business. Technology makes room for innovation in many industries —including the insurance industry— and embracing it can lead to faster growth and more profit.

3 Digital Trends That Are Transforming the Insurance Industry

Leveraging new technologies has allowed many different industries to transform to the digital age and gain insights that can help them increase sales and grow. The insurance industry is one of the most “late bloomers” when it comes to digital transformation, but everyday that goes by, it is easy to see that embracing technology can render amazing benefits and open the door to many opportunities.

Some of the most innovative companies are applying these technologies to add value to their operations. These are some of the digital trends that can create great opportunities for the insurance industry:

3 Digital Trends That Are Transforming the Insurance Industry

Cloud services can help insurance businesses to be more efficient.

The Cloud

Cloud services store your information on internet servers instead of local servers. By using web apps, which run inside your internet browser, you can speed up many of your services. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access all of your information. Moving your infrastructure to the cloud, allows you to update and streamline your process, resulting in higher employee efficiency and saving money.

Digital Marketing

Marketing isn’t what it used to be. Digital marketing has come in to transform the way businesses communicate with their audience. For example, through social media, insurance companies can promote their products and services, and as they increase their social media presence, they can compete with market leaders.

Big Data Analysis

As part of the insurance industry, businesses normally have a constant stream of incoming data from their users. Many opportunities can be generated by analyzing that data and putting it to good use to customize their service and improve the overall user experience.


The insurance industry has been known for being more conservative and is still at the beginning of its digital transformation. Adopting these technologies is not an overnight decision or process, but it is certainly something that insurance companies and independent insurance agencies should consider, as they can greatly benefit from it.

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