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Technology is helping independent agents remain efficient and competitive. However, as much as technology can help us in all areas of our industry from daily operations to customer service to marketing, if you’re not using technology right, or you are wasting time troubleshooting, then it’s time to think about getting some tech support for your independent agency. We provide tools, training, and support for all of our agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

Starting an independent agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

AAI provides ongoing support in technology, software, Web, and social media to build an efficient and effective agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

Insurance agents need technology

Technology isn’t foolproof. It requires the right setup, monitoring, and systematic upgrades to keep your business running smoothly. As a new agency owner, new technology can seem daunting. At AAI, providing our agents with the right technology and service package is just one of the ways that we ensure our agents hit the ground running when they open their agency.

Insurance agents need tech training

We also understand that many agents aren’t completely tech savvy. Once the programs have been properly installed and implemented, we make sure each agent is properly trained in each program so that you aren’t wasting time trying to learn new programs on your own.

Insurance agents need tech support

Start an independent agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

Starting our agency with AAI means that you are independent, but never alone, especially when it comes to training and support.

Despite the best training and the most user-friendly programs, there can still be glitches here and there as you get familiar with new systems and technology. Our in-house IT department is excellent and will help all member with the high-level development issues, but we recommend that our members seek out a local IT support and service for all of their IT issues.

Whether it’s helping you find the right hardware and software to run your agency, cloud services, firewall protection, or it’s making sure someone knows how to fix your printer, every agency needs a tech service and support partner. Hiring a third party tech support company can help you save money on hiring a full-time IT department.

Turnkey business for independent insurance agents

We strive to be the most innovative and cutting-edge in the independent insurance world. We help agents transition smoothly from captive to independent, as well as first time agents set up their agency. Part of our service is helping you with the right tech setup and management programs so you can hit the ground running.

Starting your independent agency with AAI will help you maximize your potential as an independent agent in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah.

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