Taking a Leap of Faith Unto Your Own Business

 In Opening an agency with AAI

With over 60 offices in the Western Mountain Range, Affordable American Insurance offers business solutions to help you start your own business. As an AAI independent insurance agent, you can maximize your potential, with the support of a reliable company in the insurance industry. We will teach you how to run a successful business and facilitate the correct tools and training to help you grow as a business person.


How you handle the firing process can be a big factor in your business success. You have to be able to handle the successes as well as your failures with the same integrity.

Did you know we have a Business Advancement Center?

At AAI’s Business Advancement Center, we teach the best techniques to run a business.  Ongoing training, as well as access to our corporate personnel, will help clarify your questions and enhance the learning process. We understand that starting a new business is very challenging, and without the proper knowledge it is very difficult to succeed. We provide entrepreneurs, agents and independent agents with the best tools, technology and experience to make their own business grow.
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Maximize Your Business Opportunities with Affordable American Insurance

The market is changing all the time. AAI knows what is going on in the market, and we will give you valuable information on how to use the right business tools. We have insight and tips on how to manage your business in the most efficient way. We’re not the ones saying this; we are rated as one of the top 50 Privately Owned Companies in Colorado and experts in insurance industry business development.


Let AAI help you grow and be successful. Contact us today and learn how to start running your own business, we are sure that you won’t regret it.

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