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Starting an independent insurance agency requires you to have the right technology. Sales are important, and nothing beats personalized customer service, but today’s clients want to use technology to get in touch with you. At Affordable American Insurance, we provide all of our members the best technology and IT support to make your agency competitive in a technological world.

Training for independent agents

Make your agency more effective and efficient with technology.

Technology, innovation, and IT support for independent agents

We have developed a unique and sophisticated business model for our agents to start their business. We understand that technology is the way of the future, and we want to support all of our agents and give them the tools to be competitive in the insurance industry. Our business used to be all about personal contact and face-to-face meetings, but we have to recognize the power of the Internet, social media, and a responsive Web design.

Insurance agents need to embrace technology

At AAI, we have the most current tools to ensure simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency. These are the three pillars of effortless customer service. At first, it may seem that technology is widening the gap between the client and the agent, but if you embrace technology, you will find that it brings you much closer to your clients, allowing you to build a much stronger client/agent relationship than ever before.

With technology, you can always be available to your clients, and your clients will always be able to reach out to you quickly and efficiently. Communication can be private or public, allowing you to build client relationships based on transparency and trust, always sharing the best information and helping your clients make informed decisions about their insurance portfolio.

Support for independent agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

We provide our agents with the latest, most innovative tools to make their agency more efficient and productive.

Support for agents and producers

When you start your agency with AAI, you get individual personalized training and 24/7 access to online training and support in:

  • Our multi-company rating software
    Our agency management system
    Product and carrier knowledge
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)/Social Media

Furthermore, you will continue to get support from the AAI team, carrier representatives, and your fellow agents. With AAI, you are independent but never alone.

Open an agency in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah!

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