Summer Time and Utah Insurance

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Cars can break down in the heat if they are left alone idling to long at stop lights, forgetting to check the water in the radiator, or driving slow through a kid crowded neighborhood. Wow! “There is a lot of stuff that can happen. I have one question where is my radiator?”

It is only a matter of time till my rust bucket loses an essential part on the road.  I just hope I am not in a desert or stranded in the country hours from civilization.   What can we do to prevent this?   Well, if we have the ability to buy a new car that solves a lot of problems but if you are like me, it’s time to drive to a department store to get another role of duck tape.

Don’t Panic

“Oh, no! I am stuck on the side of the highway with no idea what to do!” Don’t panic even though it would be natural, don’t do it. Most people like getting out of their cars and inspect the damage this is dangerous. You could become a human like pancake, even with all the medical breakthroughs that we have. I have never seen the doctors be able to bring a pancake back to life. I am sure it would have made national news if it did happen. There’s the rain for your parade but get off the highway if possible and if not call someone to pick you up and be safe.

Being stuck in the hot, hot sun is never fun. The air conditioner may have died with the car. Make sure you have water in your car being dehydrated can cause serious health problems and you’ll be thirsty.

Car Maintenance

If you know there may be something wrong with your car, see if one of your friends can help you out. If none of your friends are mechanically inclined then go to your trusted mechanic for the needed repairs.

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