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So much of what drives business today is platforms like Twitter and Facebook that have millions of users from all over the world. Most companies have keyed in on the fact and now have in-house teams of marketing strategists that specialize specifically in social media outreach. One of the major pitfalls of this platform, and what a lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize, is that social media outreach adds a layer of personal connection to your business. You’re not simply a company or product, but you’re people who take pride in their services and are experts in the industry. It’s important therefore not simply to pitch your services over interested customer’s news feed, but to provide them with something they would otherwise be interested in.

Social Media Advertising is More than Product Pitches

This can include news within your business’s industry, product reviews, new technology, new trends, humorous content, and of course loyalty rewards for customers and patrons that are interested in what you have to offer. The best way to use to social networking sites is not to relate to you customers as a business to a customer, but as a person to a person. Sure, you want to position yourself as an authority and an expert in your given field, but you do not want to spam their timeline or feed with one self-aggrandizing ad after another.

Let Customers See you as an Individual

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What makes a social media campaign successful is that customers see you as individuals that run a company that have a product that they’re interested in. Providing them with interesting information, consumer news, humorous content, and even memes is what made large companies like Geico so successful. It’s difficult to imagine what cavemen and geckos have to do with auto insurance, and frankly, there probably isn’t a single thing. Yet Geico’s television ads have been so successful largely because they’re entertaining, not because they’re necessarily informative or well designed sales pitches that appeal to our rational mind. While it is still important to sell your product, the idea behind a social media campaign can’t be simply to advertise. Good social media campaigns can market without advertising.

Grow your Business

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