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Creating a business plan isn’t just for startups. Any successful insurance agent can tell you that maintaining a business plan is an important part of being an independent company. Your business plan represents everything your agency has accomplished and explains the direction the company is going in. The plan helps keep the business organized and focused. Here are just a few more reasons why you should consider updating your business plan on a regular basis:

Starting an independent agency

Develop a Solid Business Strategy

Business plans don’t just include basic facts about your agency. A well-written business plan offers clear insight into your finances, competition, and basic marketing strategy. This insight allows you to easily assess every move your company makes, leading to overall better business decisions.

Understand Your Finances

Sometimes, agents want to expand or need a little bit of financial help. An updated business plan makes it easy for investors and lenders to gain insight into your company. They will know how you have been spending your money, how much your agency stands to make, and where their funds will be going. The lender or investor will be able to use this information to perform an in-depth analysis of your company and make an informed decision.

Get Third-Party Assistance

If you plan on hiring an accountant or attorney, having an updated business plan can help you illustrate your business to the third party. Your business plan provides a lot of insight into how your company is run and your goals. Third-party services or professionals can use this information to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Know Who to Hire

While most independent agencies have a minimal staff, it is nice to know how many team members the company can afford. Not only does the business plan help break down your budget, it explains each employee role. This can help you see which areas need more coverage and how to pay for the support you need.

Building the Right Business Plan

Affordable American Insurance works hard to ensure each startup agency has the tools it needs to thrive. Your business plan is a crucial part of owning an agency. To learn more, please contact us today.

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