Strengthening Your Team Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

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How to Strengthen Your Team While Sticking to a Budget

Your team plays a beyond-significant role in the success of your small business. People who can work well together make a massive difference in how a company performs and how its customers perceive it.

A disjointed team is easy to identify and can contribute to dismantling everything that you, as a business owner, have worked so hard to achieve. That’s why it is so important to calibrate your team from time to time.

Some may think that strengthening a team is a costly activity, but that is not necessarily true. There are many ways to build a strong team while sticking to your budget.

Build Your Team on a Solid Foundation

Whom you hire matters; it’s not just about finding people with the ideal skillset. It’s their attitude, how they fit into your organization, and what they bring to the table to help you achieve your business goals. Having dedicated and dependable employees make it easy for you to build a strong team and develop healthy relationships. You won’t necessarily have to invest in costly team building activities. You could bond over lunch, coffee, at happy hour, or even via chat.
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Find Tools That Help You All Stay on the Same Page

There are many collaboration tools out there, and not all of them require a paid subscription. Some free tools like Asana or Trello can help everyone stay on track, simplify communication, and foster teamwork.

Effectively Use Your Tools

Regardless of the tools you use and whether they are paid or not, using them consistently is what makes the difference. Be mindful of the tools you need. If you need them, use them. If they’re contributing to the noise or don’t align with your needs, get rid of them —especially if you’re paying for them. Paying for something you don’t use is just throwing away your money.

Don’t Underestimate Facetime

Whether you work remotely or at an office, facetime is always essential. Avoid relying on text, email, or chat only. If you need to resolve something quickly, don’t be afraid to stop by your colleague’s office or workstation. Get them on a video conference, if you’re remote, and encourage your team to do the same. Sometimes, being face to face makes collaboration much more straightforward.

Be Open to Suggestions

Your team may have valuable experience with other tools and may be able to point you in the direction of different alternatives that suit your needs best. Don’t hesitate to ask for their opinions and feedback. Not only may this help you find exactly what you need, but it also builds a stronger relationship with your team by showing you trust and value their input.

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