Strategies to Increase Your Insurance Sales

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Simple Proposals That Can Boost Your Insurance Sales

The goal of an independent insurance agency owner is not just to sell insurance, but of course, having good sales rates is a significant part of the business. When you’re starting, finding ways to increase sales is a top priority, and if you’re looking to be in the business for the long haul, you’ll need a lot of motivation to do so.

Finding simple and practical ideas that can help give your sales a boost is not out of reach. Here are some tips that can help you close more sales this year and make your way in the insurance world.

Keep All Sales Emails Clear and Concise

Long sales emails tend to waste your window of opportunity to grab your prospects’ attention. Ideally, a sales email should be anywhere between 50 and 125 words, according to this article by Hubspot. It’s best to save those long emails for when you’re answering questions or providing resources that add value to your clients.

Simple Strategies That Can Boost Your Insurance SalesEvaluate Your Prospects to Measure Your Effort

Investing endless hours trying to close out a deal that ends up not happening can be frustrating. It feels like a waste of time and energy when that happens, so it is wise to evaluate your prospects and the sales opportunities they represent to determine whether your persistence will be worth it in the end. With experience, you will be able to define how many times it is worth contacting or following up with a client before moving on.

Set Up a Referral Rewards Program

Referrals represent an excellent opportunity for growth. Motivating your clients to refer you to their family or friends is the best approach to getting more referrals, and establishing a rewards referral program can help you achieve that goal. Offering referral incentives is a great way to promote this practice and also show your clients you value their efforts to help you grow.

Connect with Your Clients

Proactively connecting with clients and prospects is an efficient way to stay top of mind. Social media is an excellent platform that can help you promote your business and engage with your audience.

Keep Your Website Up to Date

Your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy, and when it is outdated, it can cost you growth opportunities. Check out your website from the perspective of your prospects. Is it easy to browse around? Does it give you what you’re looking for? Are you left wanting more information? Does it make you want to reach out and contact your company? If you answer no to any of these questions, it might be time for an update.


Starting a business requires a lot of active strategies to help you achieve your objectives. Start strong by joining AAI today!

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