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Sometimes life can be very hectic when we are running at a thousand miles an hour. At times, it is hard to see the blessing that your work can bring. I have realized that being thankful for 3 different things every single day can change one’s life.

Learning to be thankful starts with you. Start with things that you often take for granted like having a warm shower in the morning, your house, apartment, room, or your car. You will begin to develop a positive outlook on life.

I started being thankful for 3 things daily for my New Year’s resolution. I didn’t think of the big picture as much as I could have but now my outlook has changed. I am thinking of others and how I am grateful for every single person that is in my life.

Here at Affordable American Insurance things can be a little crazy at times but that is how every organization is.  It is when we lose track of what is important to us, to our company, and to our community that we start to lose our focus.

Working at Affordable American Insurance is truly a blessing. I am able to use what I learn and apply it to a company.  I  work with one of my best friends Chris Fernandez which can often be a challenge at times but I am learning how to work in a corporate team.

I am thankful for my coworkers. Affordable American Insurance would not be the same without each and every one of them.

I am thankful for all our loyal readers and I hope that you have learned some neat things about your insurance policy. If you have read a few of our blogs you probably know how to save money on your insurance and I hope you are.

If you are considering switching your insurance consider going through Affordable American Insurance. We are an insurance broker meaning we sell insurance from many insurance companies. You won’t have to switch your insurance agent if your rate goes up and you can be thankful for that.

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

Affordable American Insurance

Joshua Smith
Affordable American Insurance
Director of Social Media

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