Staying Motivated During the Summer

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It can be easy to stare out of your office longingly during the summer months. Thoughts of hiking, swimming or just being outside and reading a good book can be extremely distracting when you feel stuck in an office all day. Staying motivated throughout the summer months can be hard. Although this motivation can be hard to find, it is important that you find it. You want to make sure that you are productive even through the summer. These tips may help you find that spark of motivation that seems to be lacking when the weather is gorgeous outside.


  1. Make a reasonable to do list on a daily basis. This list should be ranked in order of importance. You want to tackle the most important tasks early in your day and make sure that you power through them. The feeling of accomplishment can help you continue to stay motivated throughout the rest of your list.
  2. Get outside during your lunch hour. Keep your running shoes at your desk and during your lunch hour get outside and take a walk. Enjoy the gorgeous weather before you have to head back to your desk and continue to work.
  3. Work on staying positive. It can be easy to get negative about your job when there is somewhere else that you would rather be. Taking time to really focus on the positive and the things that you love about your job can help you stay motivated.


Although the summer months can be hard to work through, you should be sure that you make a plan for yourself. When you start to feel a little down about your job and working through the summer, take a step back and remind yourself of these three steps.

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