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Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time researching, planning, and finalizing a business plan before taking the plunge to becoming an independent business owner. However, one thing we rarely talk about is how to choose the right team for your startup to help you realize your goals and dreams.

Hiring someone with industry experience

Spend capital hiring one person with industry experience.

Trusting others to help realize your dreams

When you are first starting out, you’re not going to have a full team of employees to help you achieve the goals that you set forth for yourself and your business. Choosing the right people requires a tremendous amount of trust. While you are assessing the risks involved in starting a business, like dipping into your savings or giving up time with family and friends, you also have to be careful about the people that you choose to help you succeed.

Hire one experienced employee

If you’re going to spend capital on paying people to help you start your business, you have to make sure that you surround yourself with the right people.

Figure out what position is the most important to fill and spend the capital on hiring one employee with industry experience to help you propel your business. Since you can’t afford to pay them a competitive wage, in the beginning, you’ll have to be prepared to entice them with other benefits like stock options, the chance of partnership, bigger commissions, etc.

Hiring outside the industry

If you hire people you trust, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and hire outside your industry.

Hire people who will work hard

If you can’t find or afford a hard hitter in your industry, you have to focus on other attributes. Find people who believe in you and your vision, people who will work tirelessly beside you to realize your dream. If they have the drive and the passion for your products and services, then anyone can be taught the ins and outs of a new industry.

Regardless of whether you hire from inside or outside your industry, trust is vital when hiring the right team to work for your startup.

Become an independent business owner

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