Small Business Trends in 2016

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Laying the foundation for success as a small business owner

Starting a business has never been easier or more rewarding. With modern business technology and the growing trend to make work/life balance a priority, today’s business owners really can have it all!

Starting a business in Colorado

Utilize online marketing tools and e-commerce technology to start your business.

Business technology makes it easy to start a business

With the Internet, even the smallest business with the smallest budget will have worldwide reach at the cost of a high-speed Internet connection. Knowing how to utilize social media and Internet marketing to promote your product, as well as e-commerce solutions to sell your product, is a way for small business owners to compete with the big boys without breaking their budget.

Prioritizing work life balance

A growing trend in the small business and entrepreneurial world is to prioritize the work-life balance. Business owners have realized that employees who are given the opportunity to enjoy their lives and families are much more committed and productive when they are at work. This is a win-win for both the business and the employee, and it’s good for the soul.

Starting a business in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

Make work-life balance a priority.

Flexible work hours and the opportunity to work remotely have given more space for both work and family. Vacation time and paid family leave are also a way to show your employees that you value them as people, and know that if you give them time off, they’ll come back stronger and more committed.

Be a team, not a hierarchy

Your employees want to feel that they are equal parts of a collaborative effort. Despite titles, they want transparency from the mailroom to the boardroom. Everyone should feel like they are part of a team, giving each team member equal value.

Working without a hierarchy or with a flat hierarchy doesn’t mean that you don’t delegate tasks and that you can’t have leaders and managers; it just means that everyone has a voice, and no employee feels left behind or undervalued because of their position in the company.

We give you the tools to run a successful business

Starting a business

Join a network of insurance agents and entrepreneurs in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah and get tips and support to start your business.

At Affordable American Insurance, we have built a large network of independent insurance agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. We are independent business owners working as a team to ensure success for each of our members.

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