Simple Strategies for a Better Onboarding Process

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How to Improve Your Onboarding Process and Retain Your Talent

Hiring talent is one of the most crucial processes for any company. After all, as a business owner, you want to make sure you’re working with the best people out there. Once you hire the talented, individuals that your independent insurance agency needs the most, then onboarding them becomes the main focus.

The onboarding process can be very different in every organization, depending on the job skills, goals, and needs of the business. During the onboarding process, you have a chance to shower your new hires with company culture, show them their responsibilities, lift their morale, and give them tools to succeed. However, the traditional onboarding approach tends to be a little bit dry and very overwhelming. So, how can you make it better? Here are some tips for you to improve your onboarding process.

Look into Automating Things

As we know, the typical onboarding process involves a lot of paperwork, training, etc., and it’s far from fun, but it is necessary. Automating what you can, will make the process a little easier and less burdensome on your new hires and even on yourself.

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Show Them You’re Lucky to Have Them

If it were you who was being hired and welcomed into a new job, wouldn’t you want to feel appreciated for being there? Who wouldn’t? Find creative ways to let your employees know they’re not just occupying a desk but that they are wanted and appreciated. A small welcome gift, like a mug, a pen or a notebook —or all of the above— would be nice. You can also complement that with tips on how to succeed or what to expect on their first day.

Help Them Feel at Ease

The first day or the first week at a new job is always tough. Nervousness and anxiety are likely to kick in, but it helps to have people help you navigate around this new environment. With a few simple strategies, you can help ease the anxieties of your new hires. Have someone greet them at the door and escort them to wherever they need to go, take time to introduce them to their new team, encourage team members to introduce themselves and help out the new hire as much as possible, take them to lunch to get to know them better and establish a relationship.

Show Them What to Do to Succeed at Their Job

There are many things a person can do to succeed in their new position, but it will depend on what their new position is. Help them understand the company’s goals and set expectations right from the get-go. Talk to them about their potential career path, what they can expect in terms of growth, and what they need to do to get there. When the cards are on the table, everything is easier for everyone.


As a business owner, you want to run your business like a tight ship, but that doesn’t only refer to sales. The onboarding process is a significant part of your operation. Take time to do it the best way possible and retain the type of talent that will help your business grow.

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