Sidestep Common Goals Setting Mistakes

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Setting the right goals is a big responsibility for an independent business or agency owner. The pressure of setting the right goal that will drive your success can lead many entrepreneurs to get stuck in a rut. When you set goals for your business, be sure to sidestep these common goal setting mistakes.

Starting an independent agency or business

Your hope that you can achieve your goals should always outweigh your fears.

Second guessing your goals

Every entrepreneur will tell you that starting your own business is filled with emotions; passion and excitement, mixed with a little fear and angst. As long as you stay more passionate and excited, you are on the right path, but once you let the fear and the angst take center stage, you can quickly work yourself into a state of paralysis.

When you let your fear of failure take over, you start to second guess all of your goals. You start to think of all the different ways that you can fail to achieve your goals, and by doing so, you end up failing. It’s important to analyze the goals that you set to make sure they are realistic and achievable, but you can’t let the risk of failure prevent you from reaching for your dreams.

Every goal has a risk of failure. What you need to focus on is how to achieve each goal, minimizing that risk.

Too many goals

Starting a business

Having a lot of ideas is great, but don’t get overwhelmed trying to reach every goal all at once.

When you’re just starting out, you are full of great ideas, and you want to implement and carry them out immediately. Knowing how to prioritize all of your ideas, turn them into realistic goals, and work on achieving a few goals at a time will keep you from being so overwhelmed that you don’t achieve any of your goals.

Be SMART about your goals setting, be clear and concise, stay motivated and focused and you will soon start achieving your goals, growing your business, and living your dream of being an independent business or agency owner.

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