Should Your Insurance Blog Discuss Community Events?

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Most independent insurance agents care deeply about their communities and want to share their opinions online. While most businesses will tell you that you need to keep everything related to your industry, there are a few times when it is okay to branch out. Blogs can be a wonderful way not only to discuss the importance of insurance, but show how you are a valuable part of the community.

Performing Community Outreach through Your Blog

The goal of community outreach is to demonstrate how you are involved in the world around you. You want to show that your business is an asset to the community, so avoid discussing anything overly negative. If you do discuss a negative topic, you want people to see you turning the negative into something positive.


Showing your support or arranging a local fundraiser is an excellent way to promote your business while helping others. Your blog can help draw more attention to the cause at the start of the fundraiser. For long-term fundraisers, multiple blog posts updating your progress are acceptable, but don’t let it dominate your blog.

Community Events

Don’t discuss community events unless you are sponsoring them or are making a significant appearance. For example, if you are planning on setting up a booth at the county fair, you can mention how exciting it is going to be. Don’t discuss regular networking events or other activities that don’t have anything to do with your business – save that for social media.

Holidays and Local Celebrations

If your community is about to celebrate an annual event or holiday, you can try to tie it into your products and services.

Here are a few examples:

  • Setting Up Insurance Coverage for the New Year
  • 5 Important Tips to Make Your Christmas Safer

Community Outreach is Important

As an independent insurance agent, you play a significant role in your community. At Affordable American Insurance, we want you to develop a blog that helps you market your business and shows your love for your community. Contact us to learn more blogging tips for insurance agents.

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