Should Your Business Use Trending Topics on Social Media?

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Trending topics are a great way to see what people are talking about on social media. They can help you make your brand seem relevant and social, helping you draw in new clientele. The only issue is that using these topics naturally is an art. Use this quick guide to learn more about how your business should be using trending topics on Facebook or Twitter.

What is a Trending Topic?

Trending topics are a summary of popular subjects on each network. Facebook tends to use links and news articles that are trending, while Twitter tends to use much shorter hashtags. These topics can vary slightly by location or your interests.

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When it comes to using a trendy hashtag, think of all the potential meanings the phrase could have before associating it with your brand.

How to Use Trending Topics

Using trending topics is very easy. Simply browse topics within the section and find something you want to comment on. Incorporate the hashtag or share the link with your message.

The Importance of Research

Before you start using a new hashtag, always research the context it is being used in. You don’t want your independent insurance agency to be associated with anything negative or overly controversial. Click the hashtag and see how it is being used before carefully crafting your message.

Remember Business Etiquette

Even if you are using a casual or lighthearted trending topic to inspire your message, you still need to remember your business etiquette. You need to be professional, whether you are rooting for the home team to win or commenting on the latest television show. You also shouldn’t sway too far away from your industry; otherwise, you might as well be using a personal account.

Great Social Media Tips for Entrepreneurs

Social media skills can be difficult to learn. At Affordable American Insurance, we want everyone developing their business to reap the benefits of social media. Contact us today to learn more great business tips.

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