Setting Up Your New Office for Success

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You did it! You opened a new Affordable American Insurance agency! While you spent hours selecting the right location and developing a feasible business plan, you aren’t quite ready to open your doors. Creating the perfect office is important. Before your grand opening celebration, take the time to make sure your new location is ready to welcome clients. Use this quick guide to learn a little bit about office décor, organization, and marketing.

Decorating Your Office Just Right

When it comes to decorating your office, you need to think practical. While it can be tempting to incorporate vibrant colors and luxury items, the goal should be to do more than just making an impression. You want to be able to show your clients that you mean business.

Instead of investing in a lot of artwork or sculptures, consider an upscale desk with comfortable chairs. Your desk is the first thing most people will notice when they visit your office. To keep decorating costs low, try getting framed pictures of the family. If you hired a few staff members, enlarge a company photo where you all look happy. These visuals will make your office more personable and welcoming. You’ll also be able to keep the focus on business, rather than distracting the client with over-the-top décor.

growing bigger, faster, and more efficientlyOrganize Your Workspace

The key to success is organization. Having a messy desk doesn’t just turn off potential clients, it can make it harder to get things done.

Here are a few quick organization tips:

  •  Keep everything off your desk unless you are working on it.
  •  Invest in a large filing cabinet right away for paperwork.
  •  Use cup holders and containers to keep office tools neat.
  •  Label drawers at first, never start a “junk drawer” in the office.

Don’t Forget the Signage

Your office will likely attract walk-in clientele, but only if they know you are there. Independent agents need to place large signs outside to draw people inside. Inside the office, you should have plenty of things that reinforce your brand: local newspaper articles from events you participated in, business cards, or brochures. These marketing efforts can really pay off!

Get the Support You Need

At Affordable American Insurance, we know new independent agents need a lot of support. Contact us if you have any questions about your new office.

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