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Tips for selling life insurance

There are millions of millennials and the eternally young at heart that live their life without a care in the world. The sky’s the limit, and nothing can stop them from reaching their dreams. These are the people who throw caution to the wind and hold off on getting life insurance. After all, they are invincible. This group of people is hard to reach, but there are a few gateways to their sensibilities; you just need to know when to strike.

How to sell life insurance to young people

A wedding is a big milestone, and a great opportunity to talk to your clients about life insurance to protect their spouse.

Getting to know your clients will help you sell life insurance

It’s hard to break through to the younger generations when it comes to life insurance. When you are young, it may seem superfluous, especially if you don’t have a family yet or a home. This is where your insight into your clients’ personal lives comes into play. There are a few important milestones in a young person’s life that will make them more open to the conversation of life insurance.

When people get married

When we are single, everything about life insurance feels like a hypothetical. It becomes a game of imagining when and if something terrible happens in the future to your imaginary spouse, kids, or home. Once a person gets married, it is much easier to convince them to get life insurance to protect their new spouse.

When people buy their first home

Insurance sales tips

Once a person becomes a parent, they are more open to life insurance to protect their growing family.

Buying a home is often the biggest investment a person makes. While they know they need homeowner’s insurance, this is also an opportunity to sell life insurance as an added insurance coverage. Should something terrible happen to you, can your spouse or partner continue to pay for the home that you bought and built together?

When people have their first child

It is amazing how quickly a person’s maternal and paternal instincts can kick in when a baby arrives. This is the person that they will go to great lengths to protect, even in death. Life insurance will ensure that your child is financially taken care of, should death befall either parent.

Tips for insurance agents

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