Selling Insurance to the Next Generation

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Millennials need insurance, too!

More than just insurance, they need to be educated on life insurance. Teaching Millennials the importance of buying insurance while they are young is a fine line between being the concerned parent, and the super chill BFF, who is just casually talking about insurance.

How to sell insurance to young people

Make it your mission to reach out to young entrepreneurs and millennials and teach them the benefits of getting the right insurance portfolio.

Kids today. They all want to be independent, but they also want to belong. They want security while having the freedom to live, work, and love from anywhere. The lines between business and pleasure have blurred, and just about the only thing we know for sure about this new generation is that they are uninsured, and working for themselves.

Independent insurance agents can find the best insurance options

Agents, this is your chance to reach out to the next generation and help guide them safely into the future, helping them realize their dreams, and teaching them the benefits of having insurance to protect those dreams and that future.

Millennials could also be referred to as the startup, entrepreneurial generation. Growing up in a financial crisis, where the banks are failing, and Wall Street can’t be trusted, more people (not just Millennials, but every generation) are looking to take their financial future into their own hands, avoid 9-5 corporate positions, and answering to nobody but themselves. After all, in a crisis, more often than not, the only person you can trust is yourself, leaving many young people out in the open, vulnerable, and in need of insurance.

Selling insurance to Millennials

Millennials will appreciate working with an independent agent who can work with every insurance provider and are not peddling one company or one policy.

Protect your future with the right insurance portfolio

Money. There is a misconception that millennials are all about social responsibility, helping the world be a better place, and money comes secondary. Not true. Money may not be the end-all and be-all, but don’t confuse that with not wanting to make money. Millennials are all striving to be a part of the “three commas club”, they just aim to marry turning a huge profit with social and corporate responsibility.

Find an independent agent in Colorado to help protect your future

As an independent agent, you have the unique ability to reach out to these young folks to help them find the best insurance. The very fact that you are independent yourself, that you are not tied to one insurance company or another, that you have the freedom to move between all insurance providers to find the best policy for each client, is exactly what millennials want.

Affordable American Insurance can help Colorado entrepreneurs start a business and build a network.

Join an instant network of independent insurance agents in Colorado to help your agency succeed.

Be the personal, non-corporate, non-captive agent that Millennials need to protect their future and guide them one step closer to financial security for themselves, as well as their loved ones.

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