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You may not believe it, but not everyone loves and appreciates the insurance industry as much as we do. It’s true. Some people think they don’t need insurance, and others are skeptical about our industry due to bad press and a (perceived) bad reputation. While there are clients who see the value of having insurance, there is a group of people who are harder to get through. So, how do we convince dubious clients to trust us and get insurance?

(Re)building trust with suspicious clients

The first step in rebuilding trust with a group of people who do not trust our industry is being honest about the situation. There are many reasons that people don’t trust the insurance industry. When stories are written, they are rarely positive, and they are large-scale examples of the big, bad insurance companies denying a claim and leaving a family homeless or people believing that they have good insurance, only to find out that there is a lot of fine print, and now they are stuck paying for the damage themselves. You don’t see a lot of headlines proclaiming “Another Successful Claim Handled by So and So,” or “No Lawyers Necessary, Victim Reimbursed in Full for Accident.”

For this group of skeptics, you need to let them know that you understand their fears, and you are going to be their advocate and champion. As independent agents, we have the ability to give our clients the best insurance for them, not for the insurance company. To reach this group of people, you need to face their perceptions head-on and then counter with a promise to fight for their needs. One of the main reasons that people transition from a captive to an independent agent is to be able to help people, not help the insurance companies make more money. This is something you need to get across to skeptical clients.

Because many customers don’t fully understand insurance and what each policy does, this can add to the mistrust and the perception that insurance companies are intentionally confusing to sell you a bad product. The more you can simplify what each type of insurance does and the benefits of having it, the more you will gain the trust of clients prone to mistrust.

Don’t scare the skeptics into buying insurance

How to succeed as an independent agent in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

Showing empathy for their mistrust is the fastest way to rebuilding trust with skeptical clients.

The main thing you want to avoid when selling insurance – and this goes for everyone, not just the skeptical – is not to sell fear. Fear and mistrust are what has lead them to not have insurance in the first place. Yes, insurance is typically only good when something bad has happened, but you don’t need to keep reminding them. Try to be positive, or better yet, appeal to their sense of logic.

Once you have gained their trust and proven that you understand the industry, convincing them to buy extra insurance like life insurance or umbrella insurance is not about painting a picture of doom, but about being responsible and protecting the people and things that you love the most.

Becoming an independent agent in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona

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