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IT services for independent agents

Insurance agents deal with a lot of very sensitive and personal information. As much as our clients appreciate transparency and availability when choosing an independent agent, their concern for the safe keeping of their most private and personal details is equally important.

Technology for independent agents in Colorado

You need secure remote access and cloud services to increase productivity, as well as secure sensitive client information.

When you are starting your agency, getting the right IT service to secure your client information should be a priority.

Not only do we handle sensitive information about each client like social security numbers, bank accounts, birthdates, and policy information – everything a hacker needs to make your life miserable – but we are constantly on the go. Getting secure remote access to your network, client information, insurance provider information, and other sensitive information about your agency will make your life a whole lot easier, and it will put your clients’ minds at ease.

Secure cloud service for your agency

It’s hard getting clients to trust you with personal details about their lives. You need to assure absolute confidentiality. When you are passing sensitive information back and forth over the internet via email or cloud services, you need to ensure your clients that all information is stored safely and securely and that you have taken measures to prevent hackers from accessing your network and gaining access to client information.

Tips for independent insurance agents

Talk to an IT expert about the secure technology that is best suited for your type of business.

You need to invest in secure cloud services so that you and your producers are always accessing the same up to date information, as well as protect your network with firewalls and other tools to protect your data.

Colorado network of independent agents

There are many software solutions available. Talk to an IT expert to find the best solution for your agency. Or, use your AAI network to find out what type of secure remote access and cloud services your fellow independent agents are using.

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