Saving Money on Auto Insurance

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How can I reduce my auto insurance premium?

Here are a few tips

1. Keep your driving record clean (tickets can increase your rates)
2. Keep your claims record clean (both small and large claims can increase your rates)
3. Insure more than one vehicle with the same company
4. Keep your Home and Auto insurance with the same company
5. Choose higher deductible amounts
6. Maintain increased liability limits
7. Keep your annual vehicle mileage to a minimum
8. Any students should maintain a “good student status”
9. Purchase an alarm for your vehicle

Many factors are used to determine your auto insurance premium but the above suggestions are in your control.

Affordable American Insurance

Why Choose One of our Agents?

Our agents listen to your questions and concerns with a smile on their face. Then in just a few moments, multiple quotes appear from many carriers. For every quote that you see, our agents can write it. Those are just some of the benefits of going through a Colorado Affordable American Insurance agent.

Affordable American Insurance is an insurance broker that represents many insurance carriers including: Travelers, Safeco, Hartford, Metlife, Progressive, Allied, Auto Owners, and many more. If your policy is about to be renewed or you are searching for insurance let Affordable American Insurance be your first stop.

If you have any questions about lowering your auto insurance policy call your local Colorado Affordable American Insurance agent today.

More Companies. More Options. More Savings.

Affordable American Insurance

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