Safety Items for a Mother’s Purse

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Safety Items for a Mother’s Purse

A mother’s work is rewarding but defiantly is an ever ongoing process. Moms everywhere can attest that while kids are a joy to have in life, they have a surprising amount of ways to get hurt or affected by various things. As such, we recommend that moms make the effort to keep a number of safety items in their purse.

You never know when you might need one or more of these items! Here’s a list:

–          Lip balm. Chapped lips happen all year round, and kids are generally not good at keeping their own lip balm on their person.

–          Sunblock. No matter where you go, bring sunblock with you. This will give you the chance to quickly touch up your kids before they have the chance to burn when outside.

–          Superglue. Useful for quick adhesion and also can seal small cuts until they can be treated properly.

–          Moleskin. This miracle substance is essential for blisters and sores. Simply cut to fit the sore, and then keep it on for a while

–          Powdered sports drink mix. For a quick boost, especially when kids get dehydrated.

–          Tweezers. For splinters and also for getting at stray hairs.

–          LED flashlight. Just in case you need to light something up or signal for help.

While mothers everywhere hope to not have to run into emergencies with their children, it is always better to be prepared for it.

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