Child Proofing Your Home

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How can you make your house safe for children (or an adult who has consumed too many adult beverages)?

It was so long ago, that most of us don’t remember learning to walk.  If you did, you might remember it being tougher than any class or project you’ve ever had to do.  Doubling the height of all your regular activities and doing it on two legs instead of four.  I can imagine it would be similar to learning how to ride a five or six foot unicycle and using it for ALL your daily activities.  Just think of all the various times and ways you would injure yourself.

Quite similarly, walking is a complex learning experience.  If you currently have younger children in yourself you would be wise to take a few precautions.  Place padding on and around sharp corners, so when a young child falls their injuries are reduced.

Children love to experience new things and I can imagine it would be very tempting to put things in electrical outlets.  Be sure to cover all the sockets within reach inside your house.  Nobody wants their child to try to become a light bulb!  Electricity is very dangerous if you are not careful.

The excitement of the smell of food can make anyone start running.  Food is great but the stove and the oven are a great place for little kids to get hurt!  When possible, keep younger kids out of the kitchen while cooking.  When that’s not possible, be sure to keep handles to hot pots and pans turned away from the edge.  Also, be sure to lock the stove when in use so little one’s curiosity doesn’t turn into burnt fingers.

Cabinet locks are imperative.  You never want your dog getting into the trash let alone a child eating garbage or getting into chemicals.  Many household cleaners can be poisonous if ingested.  Anti-freeze smells like cool aid and is poisonous and should be kept away from children.  Cabinet locks can prevent these things from happening.

Safety gates are important to any house hold because they can keep small children on a certain floor.  If they are positioned by the stairs they can save a child’s life by preventing a dangerous fall.

If you are thinking about having children or already have children think about child proofing your home.

Last but not least, make sure your children have some sort of health insurance policy.  Health insurance is important for any age and for everyone in your family.  Everyone gets hurt from time to time but don’t forget about your guests!  Did you ever think that your home policy might not have enough liability protection to cover their medical bills?  Hopefully they have health insurance too!  If you’re unsure or have any questions, be sure to talk to your local agent at Affordable American Insurance about your policies.

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