How to Run Your Agency with Your Spouse

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Finding the Best Balance to Partner in Life and Business

They say two minds think better than one. They are definitely, stronger than one, which is why having a business partner can be a great decision.

Starting an independent insurance agency with your spouse can be one of the greatest adventures. You get to be partners in life and business. However, things will work a little differently than if you had decided to partner with anyone else. There are specific measures you need to take to make sure that both your marriage and your business run as best as possible:

Strong Relationship Should be the Foundation

Before you even decide to start a business together, you should make sure you have a stable relationship which is based on respect and friendship. That will keep you grounded and allow you to develop mutual admiration. It will also help you learn how to effectively separate your roles as business partners, and as a couple, keeping a healthy relationship.

Maintain a Professional Standard at Work

When you are at work, treat each other as professionals. Of course, you cannot ignore your personal bond but when it comes to work matters, be sure to address each other with a high level of regard. It will help set a standard of professionalism among your team.

couple at workEstablish Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Just like if you had a friend or a colleague for a business partner, it is essential to clearly define what each of you is responsible for. That will prevent you from stepping on each other’s toes. Take time to identify each other’s strengths before assigning roles. Feel confident in delegating tasks to your partner when you come across anything that is not part of your area of expertise.

Also, don’t be afraid to designate separate workspaces for each of you. You will both need your own space, so you can adequately take care of your responsibilities.

Make Time for Family

In this scenario, the work-life balance is even more critical. Just because you work together, it doesn’t mean you should take work home. You both need time away from work just to be a family. Once you clock out, do your best to not touch on work topics until you’re back in the office. Instead focus your attention on your life as a couple, as parents, friends, etc.


Starting a business with your spouse might take a bit more work, but it is endlessly gratifying. All you need to do is define specific rules and give it a go.


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