Romance Awareness Month

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August is Romance Awareness Month! Who would have guessed? How are you going to celebrate? We’ve got a few ideas…


  1. Take the time out of your busy life to let your loved ones know just how valuable they are to you. Be appreciative of efforts that your spouse or significant other puts into your relationship and try your best to not take your loved ones for granted.
  2. If you’re single, make an effort to get to know someone you are romantically interested in. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get to know new people. You may be surprised with the results.
  3. Plan a special date with your special someone. Take time planning and invest some time and effort into the process. With a little extra time and effort, you may be surprised at the fabulous date or outing you can plan.
  4. Try something new or exciting with your significant other. Take a class or learn a skill that you are both interested in but have never dared to try. Be adventurous!


As you think about your loved ones and just how much you value them, you may also want to consider shopping for life insurance. If you support your family, life insurance is a great way to show your family that you care about them and you care about what would happen to them should you pass away. Although shopping for life insurance can be a little nerve-wracking, it is a great way to give your family security that they would have in no other way.


photo credit: FotoRita [Allstar maniac] via photo pin cc

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