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How to Gain Referrals and Strengthen Your Business

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. People are more likely to purchase from a particular business when they’ve been referred by someone else, whether it is a friend, a colleague or a family member. There’s that sense of trust, and that is exactly what every business is after.

In most cases, when clients like your products and services, they are likely to give a referral, but most of the time, they need to be reminded or need to be motivated to do so. So, if you want to get a constant stream of referrals, you need to put a little thought into a strategy that promotes that practice year-round. Here are four tips to help you achieve that.

Create a Mailing List for Referral Marketing

Satisfied clients don’t think twice to talk to others about a business they’re pleased with. People love to share their positive experiences, and those stories are marketing gold. Create a referral list with those satisfied clients so that you can use that information to market for referrals throughout the year.

How to Gain Referrals and Strengthen Your BusinessMotivate Your Clients to Give Referrals

Come up with ways to show your appreciation for clients who refer you. Incentives can make a difference when it comes to getting people in the referral-giving mood. You’d be surprised to know that non-cash incentives tend to be more effective.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

There’s no shame in asking clients for a referral. You could implement this practice once every quarter. That way you don’t come across too pushy, but you’ll remain fresh in their minds so that the possibility of them talking about you with their family and friends increases. Every referral is an incredibly valuable opportunity. Be sure to treat them that way.

Set Up an Automated Referral Program

Since you’ll be putting a lot of effort into getting referrals throughout the year, the last thing you want to do is make it complicated for your clients to refer people. Implementing an automated process will increase your chances of getting referrals that could result in conversions.


As an independent insurance agency owner, you need to implement a variety of strategies to make sure your business shows consistent growth and goes where you always imagined and beyond. Have you started your independent insurance agency yet? Join AAI today.

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