Recognizing Your Limitations Can Secure Your Success

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Nobody is perfect. Even the best boss has limitations. However, a successful boss will recognize their limitations, and the limitations of their team and use that knowledge to delegate tasks and run a successful agency.

Using your limitations to your advantage as a boss

Recognizing limitations will allow you to delegate tasks more appropriately.

Using limitations to your advantage

Sometimes, it’s not about the things that you’re good at; it’s about the areas of business that you are not good at that can help you succeed. In the beginning of starting an agency, you are going to rely on a very small number of people to help you run the whole operation. Everyone typically wears many hats and may take on more than one role in the agency. As a boss, your most important duty is to see the strengths in each person on your team and delegate tasks appropriately.

Don’t force a task on someone

People tend to be good at the things they like, or they like the things they are good at, so listen to your team when they tell you about their likes and dislikes. If a person on your team expresses an extreme phobia of social media communication, don’t force that person to take charge of your social media and online presence. On the other hand, if you have an avid Tweeter, Snapper, or status updater – someone who always engages people in fun, relevant topics – then take advantage. Make that person take over your social media platforms to reach out to clients and give your agency a voice.

Do what’s best for your brand

Using your weaknesses to be more successful

Listen to your team and find out their strengths and weaknesses to delegate the right task to the right person. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Now, we’ve all seen from too many singing reality shows to realize that just because a person likes to do something doesn’t mean that they should be doing it in public. Some voices are best left in the shower! If someone on your team has a personal blog, it may seem obvious for that person to write content for your agency. However, make sure you like their style and that you share the same voice before you allow them to speak on behalf of the agency.

It’s important to give people a chance to break out of their box, but you also have to be realistic and recognize when an employee’s enthusiasm isn’t benefitting your brand.

Starting your agency off right

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