Reasons for Becoming an Independent Agent

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Being in the insurance industry can be incredibly rewarding. After all, our number one goal is to protect people. We provide a safety net so that our clients can jump in with both feet. However, starting a business is always challenging. That’s why Affordable American Insurance (AAI) is helping agents start their agency and helping them succeed by providing a turnkey business model.

Staring an insurance agency

Everyone needs insurance.

From captive agent to independent agent

For all the tough decisions and financial burdens of starting a new agency, there are a million reasons to branch out on your own. When asked what inspired them to become an independent insurance agent, most will place helping people, being the boss, and quality of life as their top reasons for going independent.

Being the boss

When you run your own agency, you can set the tone. You can treat your clients the way you feel they should be treated. By running an independent business, you can set aside more time to deal with clients, giving them the personal attention they deserve. You can also choose to make yourself more accessible, and thus instill more trust in your clients who sense that this is personal to you, not just about sales.

Find your niche

Being an independent agent means that you can give your clients what is best for them, not what is best for the company that is holding you captive. You can find your niche and become an expert, instead of being forced to sell a little of everything.

Starting an insurance agency

Start your agency with AAI and get access to training, technology, and guidance from other agents in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

Everyone needs insurance

When you are in the insurance industry, you are selling a product that everyone needs, so there will always be new clients. Insurance isn’t a novelty item, and it shouldn’t be a luxury item. You can help people get the coverage they need, with the budget they have.

Turnkey business model for independent agents

You can do all of this because you are the boss, you set the rules, and you set the schedule. However, being the boss isn’t always easy, and it comes with great responsibility. By joining AAI, you’ll get the tools, training, and technology to get you and your agency off on the right foot.

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