3 Quick Cold Remedies

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chicken soupOne of the most annoying things that plague mankind is the common cold.  They make you sick enough to feel like garbage, but not so sick that you feel justified taking work or school off.  And, as the busy, selfish people that we are these days, we want to get better and feel healthy again FAST.  Here are three things you can do to speed up your recovery:

Hot Liquids

This time-old cold-alleviating method still works.  Drink hot tea or some good ol’ chicken noodle soup.  These hot liquids will help clear out your sinuses and at least help you feel better.  You’ll be able to breath freer, get to sleep quicker and extend the interval between tissue usages.  A nice hot, steamy shower will also help you clear out your airways, and it just feels good!


Most people tend to underestimate the power of sleep.  Yes, work is important and school is important, but really – your sleep trumps in this case.  Taking the time to sleep and recover is a much better use of your time than dragging out a cold while being “responsible.”  Besides, if you just “suck it up” and “push through,” you’ll just spread your sickness to co-workers, classmates, and family.

Wet Socks

This is a strange, out-of-the box remedy that many people swear by.  Simply run a pair of socks under hot water, wring them out just enough so they aren’t drippy, put them on your feet, cover them with a bigger pair of socks (for insulation) an leave them on for up to 6 hours (ideally done at night before you go to bed – not running around doing errands).  Supposedly, this pulls congestion down from your head towards your feet, making you feel worlds better.

Do you know of any other quick-fixes for the common cold?  Share your winning techniques below!

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