Protecting Your Agency From Cyber Crime

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We deal with a lot of sensitive and personal information in the insurance industry. Protecting that information is one of our most important duties, but we don’t always see all the potential risks. So, let’s do a quick security check to make sure you are protecting your clients and your business from hackers and cyber crime.

Who is vulnerable to cybercrime

Insurance industry insights

Using personal devices for your work will make you more vulnerable to cyber crime and hackers.

Every day, it seems we’re talking about a new hacking scandal. Most of it seemed far removed from our independent insurance industry, and then Yahoo! announced a major breach six months ago. Whether you have an old Yahoo! account or not, it reminded us all that no one is safe from a cyber attack.

Personal devices for work

This one is pretty simple: do not let your employees use their personal devices for work tasks! As much as corporate culture is leaning towards blurring the lines between business and pleasure, when it comes to your network security, make sure your team knows not to use their personal device for business, and not to use their business devices for pleasure.

Limit the number of devices you use for business

If you’re letting your employees switch between phones, tablets, laptops, and workstation computers, you’re only increasing the risk of lost or stolen material. Phones and tablets get lost and stolen, leaving you vulnerable to your company and client information ending up in the wrong hands. Limit your team to one device that is used explicitly for work purposes.

Educate your team on cyber security

Securing sensitive company information

Make sure your network and servers are secure and that your software is up to date.

A little knowledge goes a long way. We all know not to send any money to a Nigerian Prince, but hackers are getting a lot more sophisticated, disguising themselves as potential clients or investors. Make sure your employees know what to look out for and what to do if they suspect a security breach.

Update your software

Make sure you have implemented the best security measures to secure your network and servers. Make sure your hardware and software are up to date with the latest IT cyber security software.

Protecting independent agents in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah

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