Run a Productive and Efficient Staff Meeting

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Are you wasting time in your staff meetings?

Staff meetings are a great way to sit across from your colleagues and make sure you are all on the same page. However, if you don’t know how to run the meeting, it can quickly become unproductive and a huge time waster.

Have a solid agenda every time

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Have an agenda and stick to it!

Don’t have a staff meeting just because it’s been a while since you’ve had a staff meeting. The beginning of the year is often a time when businesses have made changes or are looking at new goals and new objectives. Gathering your team to make sure everyone is on board and everyone knows the new direction or new goals for the year is important, but you need to keep the meeting focused and structured. A staff meeting isn’t a time to catch up on what everyone did over the recent holidays, or who’s going skiing on the weekend.

You’re the boss, you set the agenda. When you invite people to the meeting, include the agenda so that everyone can come prepared to discuss the points you have set forth.

Delegate roles in the meeting

If you are expecting people to speak or to take an active role in the meeting, make sure they have time to prepare and that they know exactly what you expect of them; that way, you aren’t going to be wasting time at the meeting explaining to them what you are looking for and having them scramble for answers. A productive and efficient meeting requires a little pre-planning.

Delegating roles also means that you can’t spring a staff meeting on your team. You have to schedule ahead of time to make sure everyone who is important to the meeting is able to make it and has time to prepare.

Not all employees have to be at every meeting

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, some employees may not be required to go. Let those who aren’t relevant to the topics, plans, or agenda stay away and concentrate on their work. A staff meeting doesn’t always include everybody.

Running a successful meeting

Make sure all technology and AV equipment is working before the meeting starts.

Write up a meeting summary for everyone

Those who aren’t in attendance can get a summary of the points discussed in the meeting so that everyone is aware of what was discussed, even if it doesn’t directly affect their work.

Make sure your technology works

If people are conferencing into the meeting, make sure all of your teleconferencing and video conferencing equipment and software works. If you are giving a presentation, make sure all of your AV equipment is working. Show up early to the meeting, or have your assistant show up early, to test all technology. In a world where technology is making it easier to meet face to face, regardless of location, you don’t want to waste time during the meeting dealing with faulty technology, or having to teach yourself a tutorial while everyone is watching. This sets a bad tone for the meeting and is a huge timewaster.

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