Preventing and Managing Employee Burnout

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Employee Burnout Can Be Prevented and Addressed by Management

Most people who work full-time jobs can relate to the feeling of being burnt out. It has possibly happened to you at some point. According to a recent study by Gallup, two-thirds of full-time workers do experience burnout at work. Millennials experience it more than in past generations. The point is that burnout is increasing, but it is not the employees who have the power to prevent it. Those who are leaders in a company have that power in their hands. You, as an independent insurance agency owner, can prevent that from happening to your employees.

A survey showed that most of those who experience burnout, point to poor leadership as the primary cause. The ball is in your court. Here are some tips that can help you prevent employee burnout in your agency.

Employee Burnout Can Be Prevented and Addressed by ManagementKeep Open Communication Channels

Your employees should feel like they can talk to you about their work problems, as well as their personal ones. Cultivating open communication at your agency is a great way to make yourself approachable. Let people know it’s ok to talk about mental health and stress. Encourage transparency and opening up in matters related to stress and emotions.

Establish Healthy Boundaries Around Employee Workloads

In many cases, how a business is run encourages employee burnout. There are specific details —that may be imperceptible— that could be causing your employees to feel burnt out eventually. Defining a set of guidelines around workload would help minimize workplace stress, things such as discouraging the use of work email after work hours, encouraging employees to use their paid time off, limiting the number of large projects an employee can be involved in.

Define Clear Processes

Complicated or unclear processes generate more stress. Your methods should be fine-tuned to become efficient and easy to follow to minimize confusion.


As an independent insurance agency owner, you can ensure that your employees have the best work environment possible. Not an agency owner yet? Join AAI today!

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