Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

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While it is only October, it is important to remember that there are several holidays right around the corner. Finding ways to improve workflow and eliminate scheduling conflicts can help remove a lot of stress from your life later on. Use this guide to get your independent insurance agency ready for the holidays before you carve your first jack-o-lantern.

The Importance of Maintaining a Schedule

Starting in mid-October, many agents have more personal obligations to fulfill than usual. Whether it is closing the office early to go Trick-or-Treating, or planning a Thanksgiving party for the office, the holidays can be a hectic time. This time can cause a strain on operations. Pull out your calendar and start thinking about everything that needs to be done this season. Write out tentative dates and schedule time to fulfill any obligations well in advance. Write in activities like holiday shopping and party planning so that you are prepared for everything on time.

Don’t Forget Community Events

Community outreach is an essential part of owning an independent insurance agency. If you are planning on attending a community event within the next three months, add it to your schedule now. Even a rough estimate of an event time and location can help you make sure that nothing sneaks up on you.

Understand Any Financial Obligations

If your business plans on donating to charity or creating unique signs, start setting money aside now. Budgeting this money will make it easier to fulfill these future obligations. Write the amounts on your schedule to remind yourself to account for them later.

Communicate Any Time Off or Office Closings

There is a reason why businesses start posting holiday hours as soon as possible. Think about when you reasonably should be open this season. Discuss any obligations or preferences with your family. If you have people working in your office, try asking when people would prefer to come to work. As soon as you know when your business will be open, create an attractive sign with your holiday hours, and put it on your business’ front door.

Discuss Office Obligations in Advance

Any additional obligations, whether it is choosing a Secret Santa or buying a bag of candy for Trick or Treaters, should be discussed with your office several weeks in advance. Frequent reminders can also help streamline operations later and reduce stress.

Preparing in Advance is Important

At Affordable American Insurance, we know the importance of planning and preparing for the holidays. If you aren’t sure what to expect in October, November, or December, contact us today.

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