Overcoming the Most Common Fears Entrepreneurs Face

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Learn to Overcome the Deadly Fears of Entrepreneurship

Starting a business is as exciting as it can be terrifying. There’s no other feeling like knowing you built your business from the ground up, especially if it’s your first business. But whether you are just starting as an entrepreneur or you already have the experience, specific fears can come up and be present throughout the years.

These are some of the most common fears of entrepreneurs and how to overcome them:

Fear of Change

Change is something most people fear, even in non-business-related environments. Change means you must stop doing what you’re doing to go a different route, and that can be plenty scary. However, fearing change can hold you back from great things. Overcoming this fear will require you to sit down and evaluate the situation in front of you to determine whether making that next decision is worth the risk or is just downright crazy. Making informed decisions will help you embrace change even if it’s uncomfortable because you’ll know it is what’s best for your business.

Fear of Being Wrong

This fear can be harder to identify, which makes it potentially fatal. It leads to stubborn behavior “for the sake of your business,” even when it may be clear that what’s needed is a change of approach. Many times, this problem is more related to the ego than it is to anything else. Recognizing that this behavior can harm your business will help you realign, accept others’ opinions and feedback, and focus on getting things done to get results, not just on getting things your way.

The Basics of Business SuccessFear of Failure

Fearing failure will make you focus on the negative and lead you to think that everything could go wrong. Accepting that failure is part of success will help you overcome your fear. Failure can teach you valuable lessons that will help you grow.

Fear of Disappointing Others

Wanting to impress your family or friends with your new business is natural, but expecting to live up to everyone’s expectations is a dead end. In trying to do so, you will end up not pleasing anyone at all, not even yourself. Define your purpose and focus on doing the needful to pursue your own goals and dreams. Share your wins with your loved ones, but don’t try to make everyone happy.


Every excellent adventure is usually a little scary. Fear is natural; just make sure it doesn’t keep you from achieving your dreams.

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