Outsourcing Certain Tasks Could Help Boost Efficiency

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Increasing Efficiency Through Outsourcing

Every independent insurance agency is full of busy people. Sometimes, the amount of work that needs to be done can be overwhelming. Specific tasks can be monotonous and very time-consuming, but that doesn’t mean they’re not essential, and that they don’t need to be completed. Someone has to do it, right?

Increasing Efficiency Through Outsourcing

Delegating those repetitive tasks will open up space for your staff to work on what matters.

It’s not uncommon to find managers at insurance agencies taking over highly-repetitive tasks that need to get done, but that doesn’t add much value to what they do. They should be focusing on developing ideas that will help them impress your clients and build loyalty. Unfortunately, insurance technology is usually very inefficient, so as an independent insurance agency owner you must find a way around those limitations to allow your processes to become more efficient, making sure your staff uses their maximum potential toward the tasks that do provide value.

Of course, moving away from the conventional and into something that could be considered more experimental in the insurance industry, like outsourcing tasks, will take time and effort, to fine tune the details, making everything work the way it’s needed. But, it will be worth it. Some agencies have decided to boost efficiency by delegating specific tasks to virtual assistants. Indeed, the whole process of selecting which tasks to delegate, explaining how they need to be done, keeping the VAs up to date with relevant agency news, configuring safe ways to allow them to access critical information on their servers, etc., can be challenging. But once that onboard process is over, the agencies are left with processes that run smoothly, lower service center costs, and staff that can focus on strengthening their relationship with their client with a lot less stress.

Best Tasks to Outsource

Direct client communication should undoubtedly remain in-house. Your full-time staff should always be the main point of contact for direct connection. That’s why a team that is well-trained in customer service is so important because they have the power in their hands to create opportunities for your business. Anything else could be outsourced. Think of tasks like new business calls, sending notices of cancellation, policy changes, remarket quotes, monthly newsletters, lead data entry, back-end support, etc.


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