Orange Juice and Advil

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There was no orange juice in the fridge.  We were out of bread for toast.  As I headed out the door, I knew it wasn’t going to be a good day.  From there, things only got worse.  I seemed to hit every red light on the way to work.  Just as I was making that last turn into the parking lot, a truck suddenly stopped in front of me and my brakes didn’t work as well as I needed them to.   Boom!  I rear-ended the truck in front of me and totaled my car. With the exception of a minor scratch under his bumper, the truck was fine.

After we exchanged information, I called up my insurance company expecting that they would direct me to a rental car and a repair shop.  As it turns out, they told me I didn’t have collision coverage on my policy.  I was so mad that I could feel my face turn a fiery red.  I had been paying my insurance company hundreds of dollars every year to help me out when I needed it most… or so I thought.  As it turns out, I made a horrible mistake.  I bought my insurance online trying to save some cash and it turns out I didn’t get what I thought I was getting.

I didn’t know how to read my insurance coverage or even what my coverage meant.  All I knew was to make sure I had coverage so if I was pulled over I wouldn’t get an extra fine or have my license revoked.  I didn’t really know anything about the different types of insurance.  All I wanted was a cheaper policy and look where that got me.  I was in a place where Advil couldn’t even help.

Looking back at the entire situation I can see where I went wrong.  I did not have my orange juice when I purchased my insurance either.  In these situations it is important to remember to have your orange juice in the morning and know how to read your insurance policy.  I hope you have the opportunity to learn from my situation so something like this doesn’t happen to you.

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Affordable American Insurance is a local Colorado independent insurance agency.  Being an independent insurance agency means we sell insurance from multiple insurance companies some of which include: Travelers, Safeco, The Hartford, Progressive, and many more.  If you are currently looking for life, health, business, auto, home insurance, we have a company that is right for you.  Find your local agent here.

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