Ready to Open Your Own Agency? Here’s What You Should Know

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4 Things You Should Know Before Opening Your Own Independent Insurance Agency

Fresh starts are always nice and every time we kick off a new year, we feel encouraged to try something new. Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy but it can truly be worth it. Your experience and knowledge might have led to a point in life where the way to growth is through starting your own business.

If you’re ready to start your very own independent insurance agency this year, here are a few things you should consider:

Start Up Capital

Any starting business requires an initial investment to get things going, but there should also be money available to keep things going. If you’re preparing yourself to start a new business, you must understand the importance of start up capital. It is what’s going to keep things afloat, even when circumstances are complicated.
4 Things You Should Know Before Opening Your Own Independent Insurance Agency

Access to Insurance Carriers

To sell insurance products, you need to have access to companies that develop those products, a.k.a. insurance carriers. Getting access to them is not simple. You must have a strong business plan and have a lot to show for in order for them to decide to do business with you. Joining a business development and consulting member association like Affordable American Insurance, makes this process much easier for you.

Building Profit

Anyone who starts a new business wants to know how quick they will start making money. Profit is not something that comes overnight. It does take some time, but how much time? That really depends on each business and how they’re executing their marketing strategies. The best tools to determine profitability are sale projections, gross profit estimate, among other things.

Getting a Website

When your goal is to gain prospects and grow your business, you need a website. In the technological era we’re in, if your business is not online, it might as well not exist. You need to become accessible to your prospects and a website is the perfect way to do it. Also, having a website gives your business a professional look and keeps people informed about your products and services. Adding relevant content that is valuable to your clients in the form of a blog is also a great idea to increase engagement with your target audience.


The year is just starting. Are you ready to make the best career move of your life? Join AAI today!

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